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Using Skype I called Solly De Silva a friend I have made in the Intensive Day 1 of Contemporary Media Work Practises subject in my Masters of Media course. Skype is an excellent website/app which allows one to chat, video call and conference with people around the world. It is an excellent way of communicating with friends and loved ones around the world. It is also vital in todays world of online business and learning. I can skype with my tutor for my course and I don’t need to leave my room. It is necessary for students who cannot make it to classes and tutorials. It is also important for family and friends who cannot get to each other or are overseas.

For this Vanity Fair Task 5 I called Solly through my MacBook and chatted to him via Video call. This simple task allowed us to connect online and we can continue to connect once the day is over and we go back to our homes. We can now keep in touch and discuss the course whenever we like.

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