VLOG Review: Screen Junkies


Screen Junkies is a weekly VLOG available to Youtube subscribers. They also have their own website and you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Screen Junkies as you can imagine from the title is a VLOG about Movies, particularly the latest films and film trends. Once a week there is a chat show with host Hal Rudnick, discussing the latest movie news. Generally it has to do with blockbuster or comic book films. They are short, humorous and fun. The video below has them discussing the best video game movies.

The short chat show is well constructed, with efficient sound, lighting and editing. Hal Rudnick is a fun host and keeps his guests and content running along smoothly. What I find interesting is the setting. It appears to be Hal’s basement. A “man cave” with a barrage of geek culture merchandise including toys and figures from superheroes, to all the latest cult characters from popular films such as Alan (Zach Galifinakis) from The Hangover to the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. It is a film geeks dream bedroom! As interesting as these weekly discussion vlogs are, the real highlight of subscribing to Screen Junkies is checking out their ‘Honest Trailers.’ This weekly gem parodies the conventional Hollywood trailer to include all the real parts of a film that the marketing team may leave out of the initial trailer. These ‘Honest Trailers’ are highly amusing and have become extremely popular with over one million hits each week. Check out the ‘Honest Trailer’ for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which highlights the overlong runtime and the countless indulgent shots of the New Zealand countryside from Peter Jackson.

These trailers are so popular as they are well edited and provide the conventional “deep toned voice-over” from most movie trailers, however he is stating the films flaws rather than detailing the plot. They have ‘Honest Trailers’ for most of the latest blockbusters, which are amusing. However where these trailers excel is with particularly bad blockbusters such as 2013’s big budget flops, After Earth and Star Trek Into Darkness.

For film geeks I highly recommend subscribing to Screen Junkies for all the latest Hollywood buzz as well as the amusing parody trailers.

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