Welcome back!


Welcome back everyone. I’m rebooting my blog with some new reviews and movie lists for 2018. I haven’t used this blog in a long time due to other commitments. However I still love movies. Always have and always will. As a child I would read the newspaper reviews of movies and wish I could do that one day as a full time job. With the power of the internet I now can (even though I won’t be paid for it). I am a full time Media teacher and I need a little hobby on the side to improve my writing and film analysis skills. Also just to write about film in general. I’ve already got a few reviews and lists coming up. For those who follow me on Instagram and Twitter I’ve been posting mini snack bite reviews of films I’ve been seeing recently and also a retrospective on the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. I’ll be posting my ranking of that series soon. For now my reviews will be short unlike my previous ones however in the future I may start delving into long form reviews. As I said this is just a hobby of mine to get my thoughts out on films I see and look back at films, film directors and film series I’ve enjoyed. Thanks to those who have asked what’s happened to my blog. I’m back. I’ve also decided to do a different rating system. I’ll be using a school grading system A+ – F- (although in Melbourne schools F is called UG – Ungraded) instead of the previous five star system. I feel this way I can judge films on a different level because a lot of films which I generally like can get 3 stars but a film I may enjoy more or less but is still general would get the same rating and that’s not fair. Anyway feels good to get the blog back up. One more thing I won’t be using the domain hqmoviereviews.com due to the high fees (and I may not post regularly) so I’ve opted for the free domain which includes wordpress.com at the end. If I keep up to date with the blog and post frequently I may change my mind. Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy my future film reviews and posts.


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