Dante: Ok, I’ll trade my left foot for the flying car.

Randal: Why your left foot?

Dante: Oh, it’s got an ingrown toenail.

Director: Kevin Smith

Writer: Kevin Smith

Synopsis: Dante and Randal discuss the evolution of cars while stuck in traffic.

This short film is an unofficial sequel to Clerks. It finds Dante and Randal stuck in traffic and having a pop-culture laden conversation similar to the ones they had in Smith’s debut, Clerks. The whole film is set in Dante’s car and is reminiscent of the claustrophobic setting of the convenience store. Dante played by Brian O’Halloran and Randal played by Jeff Anderson, continue to have amazing chemistry and I could watch these guys chat all day. Kevin Smith’s sharp dialogue is intact with many theoretical tangents and hilarious nods to The Jetsons prediction of the future of flying cars.

Rating B

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